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What We Do?
Erbil Instrumentation & Engineering Services Co (EIES) provides wide range of automation & safety solution services

Erbil Instrumentation & Engineering Services Co(EIES): Our vision is to presence in industries to become a one of the top ranked Automation Solution Providers in region, including Control, Safety and Electrical Systems till year 2020.

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Erbil Instrumentation & Engineering Services Co(EIES) engineers have taken responsibility for FEED (Front End Engineering Design) generation on many process automation projects over a wide variety of industries, ensuring that they stay within the approved scope and budget.

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Erbil Instrumentation & Engineering Services Co is a leading industrial Procurement Services business sourcing products from international manufacturers and suppliers. We stand behind our business because of the extensive product knowledge and experience of our technical buyers.

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Our major objective is to assist our customers introduce improvement in their plants, so they may achieve the highest efficiency levels in production, comfort and safety.

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A job is never complete until all training is conducted. Erbil Instrumentation & Engineering Services Co(EIES) provides a complete training package to all of our customers; which starts from fundamental to advanced even tailored and specific On-Job Training.

About Erbil Instrumentation & Engineering Services Co

Erbil Instrumentation & Engineering Services Co (EIES) is one of the well-known EPCC companies, which is established in 2009, specializes in the design and implementation of high-value industrial automation solutions. We offer our customers a single source of vendor-neutral expertise in all technologies that encompass industrial automation. Relying on over 6 years of experience of leaderships, EIES has been providing its customers with a single point of expertise and accountability in all technologies related to Industrial and Process automation. EIES has been involved in several major Oil, Gas and Petrochemical projects in the field of Instrumentation and Control Supply and Services including high value added projects which required a high degree of technology and expertise. During the last several years, our company has evolved into the fastest growing Automation Company in Iraq and has gained an excellent reputation for total dedication in providing our clients with products and services which fully conform to their requirements and expectations.
EIES has the following divisions:
* Business Development, for marketing, sourcing and contractual negotiations
* Engineering, to perform basic and detail design as well as system Integration
* Procurement of Instrumentation, Control and safety System, Electrical equipment and spare parts
* Project Execution team to carry out installation, commissioning and start-up
EIES provides wide range of services including:
* Performing FEED and feasibility studies.
* Writing detailed design specifications for new and replacement projects.
* Consultancy for selection and comparison most well-known approved vendors.
* Migration & Reverse engineering services.
* Procurement & After sale services.
* Installation & commissioning.

Our Solutions

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our focus is on the Iraq and middle east Oil and Gas Market offering Process Instrumentation Products, System and turnkey solutions for process analysis, Metering and Fire and Gas Safety Solutions.The Process Analyzers Business Unit handles different kinds of analysis applications.

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Today SIS Safety Instrumented Systems play an increasingly important role in many process plants. The safety standards such as IEC 61508, IEC61511 and ISA S84.01, are creating more stringent safety requirements for process plants.      

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When it's time to migrate your HMI system, depend on EIES to handle the software design. We understand the need to implement newer guidelines for safety and efficiency while maintaining an interface that's comfortable for your team.

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Fire & Gas Detection System

EIES is now offering a complete range of Fire & Gas Detection System for various industries. Our services in this field include design, supply, system integration, installation, commissioning and training of different types of F&G system.



Relying to leadership experience in all activities in oil industries, we are ready to meet a regional market demand for high value, client focused, industrial automation projects and support services. EIES Consulting Services helps our clients go from their current state to a desired situation by delivering recommendations based on analysis, knowledge and expertise. Our consultants start with an assessment of your processes and technology and combine it with their industrial knowledge, experience and best practices to suggest a course of action that will yield early and ongoing positive business impact.


EIES offers its clients the turnkey control system solutions such as:

DCS (Distributed Control System)
FCS (Field Control Station)
ESD (Emergency Shutdown System)
PLC (Programmable Logic Controlled)
BMS (Burner Management Systems)
FGS (Fire and Gas Systems)
HMI (Human Machine Interface)
ANALYZER (OIL & GAS Online Onalyzers)


EIES is capable of providing all of the expertise and equipment necessary to help support or completely manage and perform your unit installation. Whether your projects are to be upgraded, retrofitted or new construction, EIES provides control equipment installation services and automation equipment installation support. Procedures related to installation and commissioning have been specifically defined for each piece of equipment, and all our personnel have the necessary skills for the job. They are trained in planning, coordination, management, supervision and inspection duties, as well as in instructing the operating personnel.

Procurement Deparment

Mission of EIES’s Procurement Department: * Develop and implement Procurement strategies to improve competitiveness
* Develop the Original Manufacturers and Suppliers base through the sourcing and qualification.
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IPC/ Panel PC

-IEI -Advantech -Axiomtek -Industrial PC -BECKHOFF -PHOENIX Contact -SIEMENS -Amplicon -NEXCOM

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-Samson -ABB -Cashco -Fisher -Masoneilan

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Indicators & Transmitters

-WIKA -SOR -Magnetrol -FUJI -Jumo Winter -FISCAL -Walmax -Rosemount -Yokogawa

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Solenoid Valves

-ASCO -Parker -Danfoss - Alcon

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- Bentely Nevada - Vibrometer - B&K

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Flow meters

-Daniel - Barton - E&H - FAURE HERMAN - Solartron - Krohne

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Flow Computers

-Emerson - Daniel - Omni - Spirit -fuji -Rototherm

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Fire and Gas

- General Monitors - MEDC - SICK - BW Canada - Dragger



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